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Compiegne, France

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Compiegne became Raleigh’s Sister City in July, 1989 and numerous school exchanges have highlighted this relationship. In addition to the many youth exchanges, the partnership has included visits to Compiegne by performing arts groups including: Theater in the Park, the Dick Gable Allstars, the Raleigh Civic symphony, the NCSU Chamber Singers, and the Raleigh Boys’ Choir. There is a Compiegne Park in Raleigh near NCSU, and a “Raleigh” Roundabout near the Compiegne Institute of Technology.

Compiegne is located less than an hour from Paris at the edge of France’s most beautiful national forest. Its history includes the site of the capture of Joan of Arc, and a magnificent Chateau which was home to ‘the hunt’ during the reign of Louis XV. This was also the site of the signing of the Armistice, which ended World War I on Nov. 11, 1918.

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View of Compiegne from UTC • Photo by Stéphane Aubry

The bedroom of Empress Marie-Louise at Chateau de Compiegne

Chateau de Compiegne

Town Hall

La Vielle Cassine